Short Term Mission

Each year thousands of Christians participate in short-term mission or immersion experiences.  These experiences last for a number of days up to a number of weeks.  Some go to places not far from home, while others travel to other countries. 


From Mission to Mission is committed to helping those involved in short-term mission to make the experience the best it can be for all involved – the participants of the group and those you go to be with and to integrate it into life and service at home.


Who do we serve?

From Mission to Mission resources and services are available for the leaders and participants of:

  • Parish Twinning groups
  • Medical Mission teams
  • Cross-cultural Immersion groups
  • Alternative Spring Break groups
  • Parish/Diocesan Short-term Missions groups
  • High School and University service groups


What Services do we provide?

  • Training seminars for leaders of short-term mission groups to address what needs to be done before, during and after the mission experience
  • Integration Retreats for groups following their short-term experience
  • Consultation for groups leaders in the use of From Mission to Mission resources: “What About Short-Term Mission?” and “Remaining Faithful: How do I keep my experience alive?”


What Publications Do We Offer?

What About Short-Term Mission? A guide for leaders and participants of short-term mission experiences”. 

Quality experiences don't just happen. Every aspect, from planning and preparing, to the experience itself and yes, even the return from the mission experience IS the mission experience. Preparation helps us to enter another culture with sensitivity and respect. Reflection helps us to understand and find meaning in what we encounter and upon return, integrate what was learned. This practical guide was written to help you with your preparation and reflection throughout the experience. It includes...

      I. Understanding Mission

      II. What Does Experience Tell Us?

      III. Practicalities for Leaders
      IV. Tool Kit for Reflection


Remaining Faithful: How do I keep my experience alive?” A manual for reflection, integration and prayer after a short-term experience in another culture. 

Returning home is a very special step in the journey of anyone who has spent time in another culture.  We wrote “Remaining Faithful” to be a support during the days, weeks and months after returning from a short-term experience and to assist you in your reflection so that you can remain faithful to who you have become because of your experience.  Remaining Faithful includes …

I. Practical suggestions on what to do when you return from your experience
II. Reflection themes related to the experience
III. Resources for Reflection and Integration


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