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From Mission to Mission
is a resource for Mission and Transition. It is our mission to serve those who serve others. This includes both lay and religious who serve long-term and short-term, domestically and internationally.

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About Us

From Mission to Mission assists people in their preparation and processing of their cross-cultural. ministerial, and life transitions to continue their Christian call to mission. 

From Mission to Mission was originally known as F.R.O.M. was started in 1980 by missioners who had served around the world and upon returning “home” found their re-entry the most difficult part of their experience. We became From Mission to Mission to reflect our belief that mission doesn’t end when you return to your home culture and in recognition that those who serve domestically struggle with re-entry as well.

Over the years more than just our name has changed. We have grown and adapted to better serve the changing face of mission and to reflect our expertise in dealing with all kinds of transition, not just to re-entry.  From Mission to Mission supports all who respond to their “Call to Mission”…no matter where you have served r for how long.


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