FMTM Board of Directors Begins the Search for a New Director

June 1, 2018

Dear Friends of From Mission to Mission,

Julie Lupien has informed the Board that this will be her final year as Director of FMTM. After 17 years of service, Julie has discerned that it’s time to move on to something new. We are grateful for her service and sad to see her depart, and we are also excited for her as she explores other possibilities in her life. Julie’s departure will bring a dramatic change for FMTM; she has been everything to this organization.

The From Mission to Mission Board wishes to express our sincere gratitude to Julie for her 17 years of dedicated service to volunteers and missioners worldwide and for her willingness to continue offering her support through the transition as we search for a new Executive Director.

Julie has done a wonderful job during her long tenure. She has been able to tackle anything that came her way and greatly expand the FMTM programmatic offerings. Along with being the main program and administrative person for FMTM, Julie has also been the heart and soul of our organization. Over these 17 years, she has accompanied people, both lay and religious, as they embarked on mission, or returned home from their mission. She has presented at conferences, led small group retreats and sat with individuals as they have shared their remarkable experiences of their mission.

Transitioning back to life in North America can be very difficult for anyone who has served in mission, either overseas or domestically, especially when one has been gone for five decades or if they have suffered a personal trauma. For hundreds of missioners, Julie played an integral role in their processing, healing, and re-entry. These contributions were honored in October 2015, when Julie was the first recipient of U.S. Catholic Mission Association’s Pope Francis Mission Award, recognizing her lifelong commitment to mission (captured in image).

“I have been blessed to serve as the Director of From Mission to Mission since 2002.The missioners and volunteers we serve care about the people of the world and have taken risks to live what they believe. It really is a privilege to walk with these amazing people during a challenging time in their lives. It’s a wonderful feeling to be a witness as they honor their experiences, find healing for the hurts they still carry, and celebrate the people who have changed them forever. I give thanks that we are able to help re-ignite their spark to continue to live mission wherever they go.” – Julie
FMTM ED Position Announcement (1)

The FMTM Board is beginning the search process for a new Executive Director and planning for the future growth of the organization as we continue to adapt to the changing field of mission. We are thankful for Julie’s support as we move forward with the transition process. Please see details for the ED position announcement and job description here, and share it with those in your networks.

We thank you for your support and prayers as we go through this transition. Julie’s shoes will be hard to fill; the Board is optimistic about identifying candidates with a heart for mission, who are eager to journey with transitioning missioners.

If you have questions or want to learn more, contact us or visit www.missiontomission.org.

The FMTM Board of Directors