From Mission to Mission is a resource for mission and transition.  We offer expertise in a wide variety of areas related to mission, crossing cultures, violence and trauma, re-entry and life transition. In addition to the workshops and publications we offer, we are also available to offer our expertise to help you to meet the needs of your particular group, organization or congregation.

What Do We Offer?

From Mission to Mission offers over thirty-five years of experience in program design, individual and group reflection, processing and integration methods, and group facilitation.  In addition to re-entry, we offer expertise on a variety of topics including:

  • crossing cultures
  • safety, violence and trauma
  • self-care
  • transition

From Mission to Mission staff is available to:

  • Design and facilitate programs to meet the needs of your group.  This includes traveling to your location within the U.S. or internationally.
  • Design and/or facilitate orientation programs
  • Design and facilitate mid-year, closing and re-entry retreats
  • Design and facilitate transition retreats and workshops
  • Provide training for leaders of short-term mission experiences
  • Provide re-entry retreats for short-term mission groups

How Have We Assisted Others?


  • Provided consultation for those discerning the Catholic Relief Services Volunteer Program
  • Designed and facilitated retreats for Sisters of Loretto considering accompanying their sisters in Pakistan


  • Facilitated the orientation process for Cabrini Mission Corps, Catholic Relief Services Volunteers and Good Shepherd Volunteers

Cross-Cultural Preparation

  • Prepared the International Leadership Team and Provincial Leaders for the Congregation of Notre Dame for their congregational visit to Cameroon
  • Prepared members of CapCorps Midwest, Holy Child Volunteers, Lay Mission Helpers, Mercy Volunteer Corps and Volunteer Missionary Movement for international service

Mid-Year Retreat

  • Designed and facilitated retreats for volunteers serving with domestic volunteer programs including the Providence Volunteer Ministry, Good Shepherd Volunteers and Cabrini Mission Corps
  • Designed and facilitated retreats for Amigos de Jesus volunteers serving in Honduras

Re-entry Retreats and Workshops

  •  Designed and facilitated re-entry programs for Amigos de Jesus, Catholic Relief Services, Christian Brothers and Rostro de Cristo


  •  Created and facilitated Transition Retreats for Medical Mission Sisters and Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet
  • Offered Transition workshop for Health and Wellness staff for School Sisters of Notre Dame, Central Pacific and the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth

Short-term Mission

  •  Provided training to leaders of short-term mission groups at Texas Mission Conference, Archdiocese of Houston, New Orleans, Diocese of Grand Rapids and St. Cloud, MN
  • Designed and facilitated workshop sessions on integration of short-term mission experiences for the Archdiocese of Houston, at the PTPA (Parish Twinning Program of the Americas) National Conference and the Haiti Conference in Lafayette, IN.


  • Keynote speaker at U.S. Catholic Mission Association Conference
  • Provided training to leadership and staff of mission sending programs at the Catholic Volunteer Network and U.S. Catholic Mission Association National Conferences