Helpful Practices

The following practices to help with stress, loss, grief, and trauma come from our publication: Finding Life After Trauma: A Guide for Missioners and Volunteers and Those Who Care for Them. Feel free to use them. For those wanting more on trauma, our book can be purchased here.

Managing Your Loses After Trauma Exposure

Grounding as a Coping Skill for Dealing with Emotional Pain

Practices for Protection and Creating Good Boundaries

Finger Holds to Balance Emotions

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT): Tapping to Manage Negative Thoughts and Feelings

Switching – To Center and Balance the Mind and Body

Journaling as a Spiritual Practice

Mind Mapping as a Spiritual Practice and Tool for Prayer

Journaling Exercise on Healing and Forgiveness

A Sample Ritual for Individual Healing: Letting Go of Losses

A Sample Group Ritual: The Shawl Ceremony for Healing and Transformation

How do I Channel My Anger and Sense of Powerlessness at Structural Violence and Injustice?