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Booklet Series
Returning Home?  
A reflection booklet for missioners preparing to leave their mission site and return to their home culture.

How Do I Get Over It?
A reflection booklet for missioners who have experienced violence or trauma in mission.

Welcome Home?
A reflection booklet for missioners to use after they return to their home culture.

How Do We Welcome Them Home?
A guide for parishes, families, religious communities and mission sending organizations.

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$4.00 (ea) for 30 or more

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Re-Entry for Volunteer Missioners: The Neglected Side of the Missioning Process 


Helping Volunteer Missioners Survive Violence or Trauma: A Guide for Mission Sending Organizations 

Close of Service Facilitator Manual and Participant Notebook:
Materials for use with close of service retreats

At Home in the Journey: Theological Reflection for Missioners in Transition
By Jo Ann McCaffrey

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