Re-Entry Workshops

image1Every year hundreds of missioners and volunteers return “home” after having lived and served in another culture for an extended period of time.  For a variety of reasons, many find this transition called “re-entry” transition to be challenging.


In 1980 From Mission to Mission was formed to offer support to returning missioners and volunteers as they deal with this unique transition.

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As missioners ourselves…

  • We understand the situations and life struggles experienced in mission that would be virtually unknown here at home.
  • We know the challenge of returning to a place you once called home and seeing it with a new vision that has been shaped by your experience in another culture.
  • We share the struggle to be faithful to the values, attitudes, and insights acquired during the cross-cultural experience.

From Mission to Mission seeks to help returned missioners and volunteers live mission here in their home culture, in a way that honors those to whom they have said goodbye.

Who Do We Serve?
It is the goal of From Mission to Mission to offer support for ALL returning missioners and volunteers, no matter from where they return or for how long they have served. This includes those who have served a number of months to those who have served for decades internationally or domestically, including:

Religious sisters, priests and brothers, diocesan priests

Lay missioners and volunteers

What Do We Offer?
From Mission to Mission Re-entry Workshops provide a safe and comfortable place where missioners and volunteers are understood.

  • We encourage those who have served for three years or more to attend our longer workshop, because it offers a greater amount of time for refection and discussion, as well as covering topics that are not included in the weekend format but would be relevant for someone returning after many years in mission.
  • Our Weekend Workshop is an abbreviated version of our longer one and is designed for those with limited time availability. Those who have served for one to three years usually attend this retreat.

What will be covered during the retreat?fmtm-table

Is this workshop for you?

One of our workshop participants wrote the following to those who are considering our Re-entry Workshop:

  • Do you want to share your experience with others who have sympathetic ears?
  • Do you want to find the deeper meaning and gifts of your experience?
  • Do you want to be among others who share similar experiences?
  • Do you want help and support through the “in-between” time and help to “come home”? Then this is for you.

When is the best time to attend the workshop?

There is no required length of time after returning for participants to attend our programs. Some participants can only come when their schedule allows it. For those who have flexibility in their schedule, our past participants have suggested the following timeframe for when it’s best to attend:

  • Those returning after 1-3 years: Upon return up to three years after returning
  • Those returning after 3-50 years: Three months up to three years after returning

There is a benefit in waiting until your life has calmed down from the chaos and intensity of returning and when you are in a better place to reflect on your experience.  You will receive different benefits depending on when you attend.  Our workshop does make a difference, so please come whenever you are available.

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